World Exhibition in Milan 2015

Last November,  at the European Parliament in Brussels, the EU officially presented the activities it has planned for the World Exhibition in Milan 2015.

The European Union will be present at EXPO 2015 with its own pavilion, where visitors will have the chance to get a better knowledge of EU food policies and of the successful results achieved in the last decades. On the other side, visitors will better understand the new challenges that the European Union will have to face in the very next future.

Expo Milano 2015 is a global event that offers an excellent opportunity to highlight the intense work that the EU and its Member States are doing concerning food security, development, and sustainable agriculture. The theme of Expo is in fact at the crossroads of several EU policies, from development to agriculture, from food safety to environment, from industry to research and innovation. The European Union must take this unique opportunity and make a lasting contribution to the global debate on food security and sustainability

The EU messages at Expo will be relayed through the fictional characters, Alex and Sylvia, a farmer and a scientist, thrown together in unlikely circumstances. These two characters are easy for visitors to relate to and will guide them through EU history, current food policies and the promising technologies of the future.

  At EXPO 2015 the European Union will offer a rich program of scientific events too. Many of these events will take place at JRC (Joint Research Centre) in Ispra. The JRC, the European Commission's in-house science service, will in fact coordinate the EU participation at EXPO Milano 2015.