1.    If I am resident in one of Partner Countries of Erasmus + Programme (e.g. Albania, Serbia, Kosovo, Montenegro, Bosnia - Erzegovina, Bielorussia , India, Marocco, Algeria) can I become a volunteer for the EU Pavilion at EXPO?

No. People who are resident in a Partner Country of the Erasmus + Programme (countries that can take part only in certain Actions of Erasmus+ Programme) cannot become volunteers for the EU Pavilion at EXPO. One of the requested criteria is in fact to be resident in:

  • One of the 28 member states of the European Union or
  • One of the Non EU Programme Countries (former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Turkey). Programme countries of Erasmus+ programme can take part in all  Actions of Erasmus + programme. 


2.    If I am or if I had been an EVS (European Voluntary Service) volunteer, can I become a volunteer for the EU Pavilion at Expo 2015? 
Of course you can. This is a plus for you.


3.    What activities will volunteers be involved in?

Volunteers will be involved in a wide range of support for visitors activities, such as welcoming and assisting visitors during the queues, facilitating the visit in the EU Pavilion and during the Show experience, ensuring visitors comfort. Volunteers will be the Pavilion Ambassadors and will share the main storyline messages with the visitors.


4.    What will be the main topics of the EU Pavilion?

The main theme will be feeding the planet. This is a strong policy dimension for the EU which cut across many policies: from agricultural development, industry research, ocean, marine and a lot more. The EU Pavilion will show to visitors what EU is doing to support the global food security agenda. Volunteers will be involved in the dissemination of information about the contents of the EU's participation in Expo and food-related issues.


5.    Will volunteers receive a pass for the EU Pavilion in the Expo site?

Yes. Volunteers will have an individual pass which covers all the period of service. 


6.    Will volunteers receive a certificate at the end of the volunteering service in the EU Pavilion?

Yes, volunteers will receive a certificate of attendance at the end of the service. The certificate will be issued by the EU, but it won’t award university credits.